Information for helping you to decide on a vacation between the beach or the mountains
Beaches vs. Mountains

Beaches vs. Mountains

What would best fit your personality?

The time for vacation planning is fast approaching, and with beautiful natural scenery but drastically different environments, which vacation is best for you this year? Mountain or beach? Here is some information to help you decide.

Rolling dunes of warm sand. Frothing waves crashing against the shore. The sounds of the rushing pull of the tides and the cries of gulls circling overhead. The warm sun browning your skin. For some, this describes a perfect vacation: relaxing on the coast at one of America's many lovely beaches.

But for others, their perfect vacation would be described as: lush expansive forests, nature enveloping the senses, the sounds of animals skittering and burrowing, chill breezes rolling down the valley: a lovely vacation in one of America's many picturesque mountain ranges.

Some vacationers are die-hard in their decision to spend their precious free time in either mountainous or coastal locales, and nothing would sway their convictions. But for others, the choice is not as clear-cut. In 2012, a Washington Post poll revealed that sixty-nine percent of voters had a favorable opinion of a beach vacation and seventy-two percent of voters had a favorable opinion of a mountain vacation. This poll asked whether or not a stay in one of these locations was simply favorable or unfavorable, not which region would be preferable to the voter. Considering that the majority of people found both places to be favorable, we can assume that many vacationers can see the benefits in both options.