If you are looking for a new way to decorate this holiday season, why not try a beach theme!
Beach Christmas Decor


If you are looking for a new way to decorate this holiday season, why not try a beach theme! The beach theme is versatile as many decorations can be repurposed and used year round. Another plus of the beach theme is that many components can be recycled, making the decorations more eco-friendly than the usual holiday fare. Here are ten DIY projects using driftwood, seaglass and seashells to create chic coastal decorations:


  • Driftwood Reindeer: This easy crafting project requires just driftwood, twigs, and a drill. Simply drill holes into the driftwood body and head then connect with twigs to make legs, neck and antlers. Wood glue can be added to the twigs for extra stability.These beachy reindeer can make a festive addition to nativity scenes or porch displays.
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  • Driftwood Napkin Holders: These Santa napkin holders are a whimsical and beachy way to dress up a holiday table. Simply paint a face on the driftwood (Santa's are pictured, but other options could include angels, elves, or reindeer), and glue onto fabric scraps or elastic to create the ring. If painting faces isn't your forte, another option is writing Christmas phrases such as Merry Christmas or Hope, Faith, Joy, Love or Peace on the driftwood. With little effort, your holiday table can look very chic!
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  • Driftwood Christmas Tree: A driftwood Christmas tree is a eco-friendly way to celebrate the season. This project is a little more advanced, requiring power tools and some diy know-how. At least twenty-five or more pieces of driftwood (in varying lengths) will be required to assemble the tree. Some of the pluses of a driftwood tree over a traditional Christmas tree include it's eco-sustainability (created from mostly recycled materials), it's low cost (driftwood can be gathered for free), and that the driftwood tree is reusable (saving time and money). Don't forget to top your driftwood Christmas tree with a beach themed topper such as a starfish or sand dollar! Instructions/Photo Credit HERE


  • Seashell Angel Ornament: A seashell, a little glue, a pretty bow, some tulle, and a faux pearl are all that is required to make a heavenly seashell angel Christmas ornament. With a little time, patience, and creativity you can create this beautiful decoration for your own tree, or as a gift for your loved ones. Photo Credit HERE

  • Gilded Seashells; This low cost decoration looks high class. Simply paint the outside of seashells with gold paint, then paint the inside with a wintry blue paint. Then cover the shell with a clear coat of spray paint sealant. These classy gold seashells can be used to decorate in many ways. Attach to wreaths or garland, use them to decorate mantels and tablescapes, or even drill a small hole in the shell and hang them using a golden ribbon. Photo credit HERE

  • Seashell Garland: This rustic seashell garland is a simple yet beautiful addition to your holiday decor. It can be customised to match your existing decorations. Paint some of the seashells in an accent color such as gold or green, use twine or velvet ribbon, you can even add accents such as pearls to further add your own personal flair. Photo Credit HERE


  • Life Ring Wreath: This adorable wreath, made to resemble a life ring (also known as a throw buoy), is a amore advanced coastal Christmas project. Although it doesn't require power tools, it does require time and patience. This wreath can be dressed up with a sign that reads "Seas and Greetings" (to parody the saying "Seasons Greetings") and a few seashells collected from the shore. Photo Credit/Instructions HERE

  • Repurposed Wreath: This festive idea is a great way to repurpose a garland or twig wreath. Start by removing the existing decorations from the frame. Then use glue to twine to attach seashells, starfish, driftwood and beach glass. This wreath can be completely customised to match your current decor, and is a low-cost way to decorate your home. Photo Credit HERE

  • Seaglass Votive Candle: A seaglass votive candle holder can be used during the holidays or year round. This simple diy requires no tools or special skills. All you need is one larger and one smaller glass, a tea candle, and seaglass. To create:place the smaller glass inside the larger, making sure that there is at least a 1/4 inch of space between. Then simply fill that space with glass and place the tea candle into the smaller glass. Seaglass votive candles can be used to decorate mantels, tablescapes, or even in beachy-themed advent displays. Photo Credit HERE

  • Ultimate Coastal Christmas Tree: The "ultimate" coastal Christmas tree has a little bit of everything. To create: decorate a real or imitation tree with seashells, starfish, sand dollars and driftwood. Other accents can include burlap garland, small wooden sail boats and store bought beach themed decorations. The ultimate topper for the ultimate coastal Christmas tree is a wooden seagull or sail boat. Photo Credit HERE