The most important aspect of planning any vacation is asking one simple question: how much am I willing to spend?

Beaches vs. Mountains

What is your budget?

The most important aspect of planning any vacation is asking one simple question: how much am I willing to spend? The cost of travel, accommodations, food, and entertainment can quickly add up to a large sum. The only way to offset this is by planning ahead.

A quick way to ruin a lovely vacation is by reckless overspending, causing the cost to quickly spiral out of control and forcing a traveler to dip into their financial reserves. The most expensive parts of any vacation are usually the expenses for travel and accommodations. When traveling alone or as as a couple, renting a hotel room is a simple option. However, when traveling in large group (such as with extended family) the mounting cost of renting several hotel rooms can be daunting. Renting a condo, villa, or private home gives the vacationers the benefit of living communally and keeps the cost of accommodations to a minimum (but with a significant increase in space). Large families aren't the only travelers that could benefit from renting a condo. When the cost of traveling is high, some of the expense can be offset by renting a condo. This gives the traveler the luxury of added amenities such as a full kitchen in which the vacationers can craft delicious homemade meals using fresh local ingredients.

Another thing to consider when choosing the right vacation for the right budget is "what extracurricular activities am I interested in?". Other than the obvious outdoor perks available in coastal and mountainous regions, it is important to consider what activities are available for when the weather fluctuates or a change of pace is needed. Fishing is an often a pleasant choice at both the mountains and the beach, but research must be conducted ahead of time as to whether a fishing license is needed and whether the cost of obtaining said license is prohibitive to the travelers budget. Beach locales often offer activities such as parasailing or boating. While mountain vacationers may enjoy rafting or extreme sports such as base jumping and zip lining. Some travelers would rather spend free time or a rainy day shopping, going to the cinema, or visiting a local museum. If the vacationers are staying at a locale high in the mountains (especially during the snowy season), traveling to a mall or the like can be arduous. However, beachside towns are usually replete with shopping based extracurricular activities. An ingenious way to save money on a rainy day is by staying indoors and curling up with a good book, puzzle, or board game. By renting a condo, villa, or house there is enough room for all travelers to have the space to enjoy their hobbies on a blustery day.